games 4[diversity]

Improving the representation of minorities in games

Games [4Diversity] improves the representation of socio-cultural minorities in games by organizing events.

By organizing events nationally and internationally, we facilitate a dialogue between game developers and players to stimulate them to create more diverse games and characters. Additionally, we boost the visibility of minority game developers themselves, because we strive for a diverse and colorful game industry!


Our team consists of motivated game industry professionals. All work is done on a voluntary basis.

Menno van Pelt-Deen


Menno is the Founder of Games [4Diversity] and initiator of many G4D activities. He is a Designer, Researcher & Event Organizer with a PhD in games motivation. He makes games for parents at Lapp.

Romy Halfweeg

Committee Member

Romy has experience in both communications and events, and is all about connecting people. At G4D, Romy does communications and is also a main organizer of the Pride boat.

Maurice Smeets

Video Producer

Maurice is a freelance Video Producer and founder of Framejump. He specializes in data visualization and also is experienced with web design. Maurice creates videos of Games [4Diversity]’s activities and events.

Eline Muijres

Board Member

Eline is Producer at Mipumi Games. She has 10+ years of game industry experience, doing game production, communications, and journalism. Eline is a G4D board member and responsible for communications.

Roy van der Schilden

Committee Member

Roy is a Narrative Designer and Founder of game studio Wispfire, known for the adventure game Herald. He has a background in interactive theater. Roy is a main organizer of the G4D Pride boat.

Doron Hirsch

Committee Member

Doron is an interaction, product, and game designer with over 10 years of experience. He organizes events for UX communities and has his own game company Kwa Qua Games. Doron organizes G4D Talks.

Sabina Zavala-Dirks

Board Member & Secretary

Sabina is a freelanceĀ Event Planner. She’s Operations Manager at the Dutch Games Association and chairman of the EBor Foundation. Sabina is G4D’s Secretary, responsible for budget & event planning.

Max Mijs Brouwer

Committee Member

Max specializes in game & interaction design and film production. She works as an Innovation Coach at Rijksmuseum. At G4D, she is involved with logistics, sound & sponsors for our events.